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Effective December 31, 2015 - FAASST Motorsports has chosen to cease operations at Pueblo motorsports Park

The Faasst Motorsports operations contract was not renewed with the City of Pueblo at the end of 2015, in spite of our attempts and requests to do so.

When asked to discuss our renewal, we proposed $1.5 Million in park improvements and asked for a long term lease for proper return on investment. Faasst had acquired investors and partners eager to make these park improvements a reality.

The suggested improvements included:

- Replacing the drag strip timing system and scoreboards with a new updated system
- Rebuilding the road course out and around the drag strip (no more T10 issues)
- Widening and repaving the long drag return road
- Incorporating the new long drag return road into a new and longer road course design
- Rebuilding and repaving the entry road to the park
- Improving the road course run off areas with the addition of gravel traps
- Building a skid pad, a kart track and a moto-x track inside the facility
- Improved bleacher seating and improved pit / paddock parking surface
- Pit garages, additional storage and more....

The Pueblo City Council questioned our ability to make the planned improvements and said "no" to a long term lease. They then decided to put the park back out on bid proposal at the end of 2015. Our investors and partners, therefore, removed themselves from the park improvement project. It will not happen.

Faasst Motorsports was invited to bid on the future track operations. We chose not to.

We wish the City of Pueblo the best with the operations of Pueblo Motorsports Park.

- Faasst Motorsports